Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider – Episode 110: ‘Dark Shadows’ and more

0:00-1:45 – Introduction
1:45-19:50 – “Dark Shadows” review
19:50-25:00 – QOTW (what actor/director combo should team up)
25:00-37:00 – “Sound of My Voice” review
37:00-40:10 – “Headhunters” review (Snider only)
40:10-52:10 – Cannes preview
52:10-58:20 – Interquel (“Moulin Rouge” and “Taken”)
58:20-1:04:00 – More French nonsense, Bayer’s plans to break Snider’s jaw, wrap-up and goodbyes

Remember, we’ll be doing shows every day while we’re at the Cannes Film Festival! Look for one approximately each afternoon (U.S. time) from Thursday, May 17, through Wednesday, May 23.

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