Episode 254: ‘Get Hard,’ ‘It Follows,’ Character Casserole

0:00-5:45 – Introductions; a brief and mostly inaccurate description of the show; we’re on One Of Us now!
5:45-23:00 – “Get Hard” review
23:00-33:40 – “It Follows” review
33:40-46:20 – Question of the Week (suggestions for improving the show)
46:20-58:45 – A round of Character Casserole (Alex Forrest, Hermione Granger, Jessie the cowgirl)
58:45-1:01:10 – Recap, summary, and goodbye

QOTW: What standalone movie deserves to be expanded into a 7-film franchise?

Get Hard C+ 5/10
It Follows A- 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)

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UPDATE: iTunes feed is fixed

Our long national nightmare is over! Our iTunes feed has been updated, and the most recent episodes should be showing up in the iTunes store. (#253 was the last one.) If you look and it’s still something old, that means your particular twig of the Internet hasn’t gotten the message yet from the trunk, so just give it a bit. Once it IS up-to-date, you might have to resubscribe in order for new episodes to download automatically on Fridays like they’re s’posed to. Thank you for your patience during this trying time.

Episode 253: Our SXSW report

0:00-9:30 – Hello, we are in Austin, some housekeeping items and a new online home for the show
9:30-13:15 – The movies opening today that we didn’t see; the fun of SXSW
13:15-17:00 – The SXSW movies we saw that weren’t really movies
17:00-21:00 – Brief reviews of SXSW movies we didn’t like
21:00-1:12:00 – Our SXSW reviews:

Fresno 6/10
Tab Hunter Confidential 6/10
Hello, My Name Is Doris B+ 8/10
Just Jim 6/10
Ex Machina B
Adult Beginners 6/10
The Invitation B+
7 Chinese Brothers 6/10
Night Owls B+
Brand: A Second Coming 7/10
Spy B+ 7/10
Manson Family Vacation 7/10
The Little Death 7/10
Unexpected B 7/10
Ned Rifle B- 7/10
She’s the Best Thing in It 7/10
We Are Still Here B
Moonwalkers 8/10
Wild Horses B
Love & Mercy 8/10
The Final Girls 8/10
Manglehorn 8/10

1:12:00-1:17:40 – QOTW (movies that went over your head the first time), wrap-up, goodbye

QOTW: On the occasion of our move to OneOfUs.net, what changes should we make to the show? New games or segments, revivals of old ones, anything you can think of.

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SUBSCRIBERS: We are still here!

If you subscribe to the show via iTunes or one of the other things through which people subscribe to podcasts, this week’s show (#252) probably didn’t show up. See, as of this week, we’re no longer being hosted by GeekNation. This was our decision — we gave it a year; it’s been a year — but once we told them, they erased us lickety-split, and didn’t redirect the feed, because why would they? So there was no “forwarding address,” as it were, and when your iTunes or whatever went looking for this week’s show, it found nothing.

You can stream or download the show directly from us here at MovieBS.com. We hope to have the new feed confirmed by iTunes this week. Once we do, you will unfortunately have to unsubscribe and resubscribe again. We agree, this is dumb.

In the meantime, try not to forget that we exist, even if a new episode doesn’t show up in your podcast bucket on Friday. Thank you and good day.

Episode 252: ‘Run All Night,’ ‘Cinderella’

0:00-4:10 – Intro, we’re in different places in Texas, some delusions
4:10-14:30 – “Run All Night” review
14:30-25:45 – “Cinderella” review
25:45-44:30 – QOTW (movies you half-remember from childhood)
44:30-49:10 – Hey, What’d You Watch? (“Dead Man,” “Lambada,” “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”)
49:10-57:35 – Some movies and people we’re looking forward to seeing at SXSW
57:35-58:55 – Recap, goodbye

QOTW: What movie that you saw as a youth did you re-watch later and realize it had gone over your head or you’d misunderstood it the first time?

Run All Night B- 6/10
Cinderella B 7/10

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Episode 251: ‘Unfinished Business,’ ‘Chappie,’ Pitch Me

0:00-3:15 – Hi there! Also, Sodastream
3:15-18:30 – “Unfinished Business” review
18:30-27:20 – “Chappie” review (Bayer only)
27:20-30:50 – Some other movies that you can watch (Portland: “What We Do in the Shadows”!!), plus talk of mic-dropping
30:50-43:10 – QOTW (movie coincidences)
43:10-52:35 – A round of Pitch Me
52:35-54:00 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What movie that you only half-remember (maybe from your childhood) are you due to re-watch? Feel free to share the details that you only half-remember.

Unfinished Business C 6/10
Chappie n/a 3/10

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Episode 250: ‘Focus,’ ‘The Lazarus Effect’

0:00-4:00 – It’s our 250th show; what other numbers we like; what if we did a reunion show?
4:00-8:40 – Eric had a “Parks and Recreation” thing in Vanity Fair (online); Dylan has a harmonica; some questionable surgical procedures are recommended
8:40-23:10 – “Focus” review
23:10-35:10 – “The Lazarus Effect” review
35:10-1:04:50 – QOTW (things to change about the Oscars), plus talk about the Oscars, oh my gosh, why did we talk about the Oscars so much?
1:04:50-1:08:55 – Next week’s QOTW, recap, and goodbye

QOTW: What’s your biggest movie coincidence? (Example: Jeff saw a movie where the main character had the same hometown as him, Bettendorf, Iowa. Hopefully your coincidence is better.)

Focus B 7/10
The Lazarus Effect C+ 4/10

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