Episode 436.3: Sundance 2019 – Episode 3

0:00 – We’re a bit tired because we had a party last night
2:00 – “Animals” review
6:30 – A guy who was taller than Jeff was at the party, and now they’re best friends
8:30 – “Sweetheart” review
13:30 – “Judy and Punch” review (Jeff only)
16:15 – Eric almost talks about a movie but doesn’t
16:45 – “Blinded by the Light” review (Jeff only)
18:25 – Eric almost talks about a movie again, still doesn’t; good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Animals: B B
Sweetheart: B+ B
Judy & Punch: n/a C
Blinded by the Light: n/a C

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