Episode 334: ‘Doctor Strange,’ ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

0:00 – Hello, no iTunes review, and whose fault is that?
2:10 – “Doctor Strange” review
12:30 – Why Jeff didn’t see “Hacksaw Ridge” (it involves the Cubs, somehow)
15:20 – “Hacksaw Ridge” review (Snider only)

25:00 – An update on our oldest listener
27:10 – New DVDs this week: “Star Trek Beyond,” “Bad Moms,” “Nine Lives”
31:05 – What’d You Watch? (baseball, Eric’s parents’ visit, “The Fog,” “A Woman Under the Influence”)
35:40 – Recap and good day

Doctor Strange: B+ 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)
Hacksaw Ridge: B- n/a

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