Episode 309: ‘Money Monster,’ ‘Being Charlie,’ ‘The Meddler’

0:00 – Hello; iTunes review
2:50 – Our sponsor this week: the Practically Culture podcast, about movies, TV, video games, etc.
5:15 – “Money Monster,” but first, what if movies with “Money” in the title were “Monkey” instead??
6:30 – “Money Monster” review for real this time
17:05 – There’s also a movie called “The Darkness,” but they wouldn’t show it to anyone; check out Eric’s site for a review
17:40 – “Being Charlie” review
25:50 – “The Meddler” review (Snider only)
31:15 – Summer Box Office Challenge: some interesting stats about past contests, plus the announcement of this year’s stakes
38:15 – QOTW (things that happened to you that would make good movies, including stories from our own lives)
59:00 – Recap of this week’s show

QOTW: In honor of “Angry Birds,” make up a good idea for a movie based on an app.

Money Monster: C 4/10
Being Charlie: C 5/10
The Meddler: B+ n/a

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