Episode 294: ‘Ride Along 2,’ ‘Moonwalkers,’ ‘Anomalisa’

0:00 – Hello; Jeff’s wife is about to have a baby, so no show next week
4:40 – iTunes review
5:50 – How we chose which movie to see (they were screening at the same time)
6:55 – “Ride Along 2” review
13:40 – “Moonwalkers” review
20:10 – “Anomalisa” review (repeat from “Fantastic Fest”)
25:05 – Eric talks about but doesn’t really review “Boy and the World”
27:30 – QOTW (movies that you are disappointed someone you love loves)
42:55 – David Bowie and Alan Rickman movie tributes
46:20 – Question TimeĀ® about how we met and became critics, plus old emails
56:00 – Recap, goodbye

QOTW: What would your votes be for Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Actress at the Oscars? You have to choose from the actual nominees, too.

Ride Along 2: C+ 5/10
Moonwalkers: B- 8/10
Anomalisa: B+ 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)

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