Episode 292: ‘The Hateful Eight,’ our 2015 Top 10 lists

0:00 – Hello, Happy New Year, how to say “2016,” what to name kids
2:35 – Snider saw “The Hateful Eight” at a showing where Quentin Tarantino showed up
7:05 – “The Hateful Eight” review
16:00 – Our top 10 lists for 2015
40:30 – Snider settled the bet by watching “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” three nights in a row
42:20 – Listener survey: the Mt. Rushmore of 2015
47:15 – QOTW (movies you saw because we recommended them)
53:00 – Questions That We Can Answer® (Jeff’s speech patterns, our shame lists)
58:20 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What movie that you think Jeff and Eric have not seen should they see?

The Hateful Eight: B+ 9/10 (B.S.-approved!)

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