Episode 280: ‘The Walk,’ ‘Goodnight Mommy,’ the remake game

0:00 – Hello! Jeff is on his way back home to Portland
3:10 – “The Walk” review
11:50 – Some movies we didn’t see, like “Pan”
13:00 – “Goodnight Mommy” review
18:00 – QOTW (remakes you’d be OK with if they were guaranteed to be good); at 26:30, Eric relates an anecdote of white-collar crime
29:10 – A round of our new remake game that doesn’t have a name yet
38:25 – Recap, there’s pictures and video of Eric’s temporary tattoos online, and goodbye

QOTW: Who’s your favorite screenwriter, past or present?

The Walk: C+ 6/10
Goodnight Mommy: B+ 7/10

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