Episode 198: ‘RoboCop,’ ‘Winter’s Tale,’ Pitch Me

0:00-3:40 – Introduction, an announcement
3:40-5:40 – Our lunch sponsor: “Try Not to Burn,” a supernatural thriller by Michael Matula, now on Kindle for $3.99
5:40-16:00 – “RoboCop” review
16:00-37:45 – “Winter’s Tale” review, with many spoilers, and then some commentary on the screening rats
37:45-47:40 – QOTW (your “litmus test” movies)
47:40-56:10 – A round of Pitch Me
56:10-58:20 – Portland International Film Festival is still happening; “The Congress” is good; movie talkers
58:20-1:00:55 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What is the least-watched title in your movie library, and if you never watch it, why do you own it?

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