Episode 158: ‘Pain & Gain,’ ‘Mud,’ ‘To the Wonder,’ and more

0:00-3:00 – Introduction; “slash”
3:00-16:30 – “Pain & Gain” review, including a rundown of previous Michael Bay movies
16:30-17:50 – We’re not going to mention “The Big Wedding”
17:50-28:40 – “Mud” review
28:40-36:10 – “To the Wonder” review
36:10-40:15 – “Arthur Newman” review, including a discussion of the devil’s breast milk (it makes sense in context)
40:15-45:15 – “NO” review
45:15-53:25 – “The Angels’ Share” review (from Cannes)
53:25-1:03:15 – QOTW (favorite muscleman moments)
1:03:15-1:10:00 – Pitch Me (Matt Damon, Rowan Atkinson, juvenile delinquency crime tales)
1:10:00-1:12:10 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: It’s an essay question. Tell us a superhero, put him or her in a different genre than usual, tell us who the co-star would be.

Note: This is the “slash” thing Jeff was talking about at the very beginning.

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