Episode 156: ’42,’ ‘Trance,’ and more

0:00-4:20 – Introduction; Japanese candy; grapes; latitude
4:20-18:10 – “42” review, including a tangent about college sports
18:10-25:00 – “Trance” review
25:00-32:20 – “The Place Beyond the Pines” review
32:20:37:00 – “The Sapphires” review (replay from Cannes)
37:00-40:00 – “Somebody Up There Likes Me” review
40:00-55:30 – QOTW (athletes who deserve a biopic); baby Dylan joins us at some point
56:30-1:02:50 – Character Casserole
1:02:50-1:04:30 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What’s your favorite movie that you think most people haven’t seen?


The other voices you hear during Jeff’s review of “The Sapphires” are Dan Mecca and Raffi Asdourian (both of The Film Stage), who were hanging out with us during that episode.

To get a taste of Dodgers announcer Red Barber’s classic old-timey radio voice, check out this recording of a 1950 game. Start at about 6:30. At 8:30, he does an ad for Post Sugar Crisp (“There’s three little honey bears on the front!”).

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