Episode 44: ‘The Mechanic,’ ‘The Rite,’ Oscar nominations, Sundance Film Festival

This week on Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider, Eric is once again off gallivanting (and watching movies) at the Sundance Film Festival. We bring in Mike Russell from the Oregonian to discuss Jason Statham’s new action movie “The Mechanic.” After he leaves, Jeff quickly runs through “The Rite” starring Anthony Hopkins (in a supporting role). Jeff wasn’t too keen on either one of them. After that it’s all things Oscar, talking about those films and people who missed out on a nomination, as well as Eric’s good times in Sundance. We also say goodbye to our Winnipeg fan (thanks to Kevin Smith), so now our Winnipeg is up for grabs and worth a free Blu-ray. Plus, send it your answers to the QOTW “What two women would you like to see star in a film together, and what would it be about?” Our favorite answer will get a DVD/Blu-ray. Send those answers to moviebspdx@gmail.com and follow us on Facebook.com/MovieBSpdx. I said good day.

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