Episode 470: The Farewell Episode

0:00 – Hi, remember us? Here’s what we’ve been up to
7:40 – We used to play games
8:50 – A round of Pitch Me
19:30 – Our favorite Mt. Rushmores
24:30 – We each choose our favorite movie from each year we’ve been alive
46:00 – A round of Character Casserole
57:30 – A brief history of the show
1:09:05 – Jeff tests Eric’s memory on the interviews they’ve done
1:17:30 – We read some of the nice emails you sent us when we said we were quitting the show
1:29:20 – Wrapping up all the loose ends, recap and good day

Thanks to all the talented people who recorded theme songs and jingles for us! They include:

Christopher De Salvo (the original)
Ken DiTomaso (“Cinema Night,” “Jeff and Eric noticed one day that nobody on the internet…”)
Gregory Whitehead (“Long Distance Relationship,” “Back Together Again,” Pitch Me
Rick Murdock (“In a world… I guess it’s time to talk about some moovays”)
Kurt & Chuck (“Jeff and Eric were walking through the woods one night…”)
Kangaroo Mike (audio clips)

Audio MP3

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