Episode 460: ‘Joker,’ ‘Judy,’ ‘Ad Astra,’ ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

0:00 – Greetings, let’s get to it
1:35 – “Joker” review
14:30 – “Judy” review
21:30 – “Ad Astra” review
27:50 – “Downton Abbey” review
32:15 – “Rambo: Last Blood” review (Snider only)
37:00 – Movie of the Month: “The Stranger” (1946)
42:15 – Next Movie of the Month: “Horror Express” (1972), to be discussed on the Nov. 5 show
43:45 – Some new DVDs came out
45:00 – Recap and good day

Joker: C 5
Judy: B- 7
Ad Astra: B 7
Downton Abbey: B 6
Rambo: Last Blood: D

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One thought to “Episode 460: ‘Joker,’ ‘Judy,’ ‘Ad Astra,’ ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Rambo: Last Blood’”

  1. It sure would be nice if the play button for the audio of the podcast was not right next to the ratings. I want to listen to the pod without knowing in advance what the movies are going to get. I suggested this to Eric’s face when I last saw him and he seemed to like the idea. But maybe he forgot.

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