Episode 422 – Fantastic Fest 2018

0:00 – Hello, we’re at Fantastic Fest, Eric cut himself shaving and also wore a singlet for three days; here are our reviews so far:
6:30 – “Donnybrook”
11:50 – “Keep an Eye Out”
17:45 – “Chained for Life”
24:20 – “One Cut of the Dead”
33:10 – “Hold the Dark”
41:30 – “Suspiria”
50:25 – A few other movies that one of us saw that we hope the other one will see so we can talk about them; general Fantastic Fest discussion; recap and good day

Donnybrook: B B
Keep an Eye Out: B+ B
Chained for Life: B+ B+
One Cut of the Dead: B+ B
Hold the Dark: B B-
Suspiria: B B-

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