Episode 406: ‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘Book Club,’ ‘Measure of a Man,’ ‘Revenge’

0:00 – Hello, Eric’s car keeps getting pooped on (by birds)
4:20 – “Deadpool 2” review
15:00 – “Book Club” review
25:30 – “Measure of a Man” review
30:50 – “Revenge” review
35:50 – Summer Box Office Challenge update
37:20 – This week’s DVDs, including a giveaway for Agents of “Red Sparrow”
38:40 – Ali Wong’s “Hard Knock Wife” (on Netflix) is a very funny companion piece to “Tully”
41:30 – Eric wrote a thing about not going to press screenings anymore
42:25 – Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Deadpool 2: B B
Book Club: D+ B-
Measure of a Man: C+ C+
Revenge: B B

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