Episode 404: ‘Tully,’ ‘Overboard,’ ‘Bad Samaritan’

0:00 – Hello, here is an iTunes review
2:35 – “Tully” review
13:10 – “Overboard” review (Snider)
19:20 – “Bad Samaritan” review (Snider)
25:15 – Summer Box Office Challenge is off to a limp start (but Eric is winning)
27:00 – We watched “The Lost Boys” on Netflix (and also part of the “The Week Of” starring Adam Sandler)
36:30 – This week’s DVDs, and we’re giving away a 40th anniversary edition of “Grease” that includes a commemorative jacket and nail polish. Agents have till 5/16 to enter.
39:30 – Recap and good day

REVIEWS (Eric, Jeff):
Tully: B+ A (BS-approved)
Overboard: C n/a
Bad Samaritan: C+ n/a

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