Episode 372: ‘The Trip to Spain,’ ‘Ingrid Goes West,’ ‘Good Time’

0:00 – Hello, the studios have given up this week (and next), but we saw some good limited-release films
6:00 – “The Trip to Spain” review
15:00 – “Ingrid Goes West” review
21:00 – “Good Time” review
28:50 – Bayer is sad that he has to wait till next summer to win something again; in the meantime, here are this week’s DVDs, including talk of audio commentaries
34:30 – Hey, What’d You Watch? (“FernGully: The Last Rain Forest,” including Dylan’s thoughts; “Gidget,” part of which blows Jeff’s mind; “Oh Hello on Broadway”)
51:25 – Recap and good day

The Trip to Spain B+ 8/10 (BS-approved!)
Ingrid Goes West B+ 7/10
Good Time: B 7/10

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