Episode 361: ‘The Mummy,’ ‘It Comes at Night,’ ‘I, Daniel Blake,’ ‘My Cousin Rachel’

0:00 – Hello, moms and technology, our T-shirts exist IRL
6:00 – “The Mummy” review
16:30 – “It Comes at Night” review
24:00 – “I, Daniel Blake” review (Bayer only)
25:55 – “My Cousin Rachel” review (Snider only)
29:30 – Summer Box Office Challenge update: Bayer joins the game!
33:35 – This week’s DVDs
35:35 – We dip our grubby hands into the ol’ mailbag and tell our origin story
40:00 – Recap and good day

The Mummy: C 6/10
It Comes at Night: B+ 7/10
I, Daniel Blake: n/a 8/10
My Cousin Rachel: B n/a

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