Episode 330: ‘The Girl on the Train,’ ‘The Birth of a Nation’

0:00 – Hello, we got haircuts, Jeff is trying a beard
4:10 – “The Girl on the Train” review
16:00 – We wonder who our youngest and oldest listeners are. Are they you?
17:15 – “The Birth of a Nation” review
26:20 – The baggage attached to “Birth of a Nation”
33:35 – We need your feedback on how to evolve the show into a more powerful juggernaut. Also, Eric might become an angry alcoholic husband to Dogcat.

38:15 – A few more tidbits from Fantastic Fest, including the Satanic Panic room
45:35 – Movies out on DVD/Blu-ray/iTunes/Redbox this week
49:20 – Recap, more blathering, good day

The Girl on the Train: C+ 5/10
The Birth of a Nation: B 7/10

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