Episode 324: ‘Don’t Breathe,’ ‘Southside with You,’ Pitch Me

0:00 – Hello, here is an iTunes review
2:10 – “Mechanic: Resurrection” and “Hands of Stone” may or may not be real movies
5:00 – “Don’t Breathe” review (Snider only)

12:00 – “Southside with You” review, beginning with a digression on BOATS and Twitter (shoutouts to @filmdrunk and @mattsinger)
19:00 – QOTW (birthday stories that would make good movies; shoutout to @jcdeleon1)
34:10 – A round of Pitch Me (shoutout to @rejects)
41:40 – Recap, good day

QOTW: Tell us your 1 favorite and 1 least favorite movie of summer 2016.

Don’t Breathe: B+
Southside with You: B- 5/10

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