Episode 320: ‘Jason Bourne,’ ‘Bad Moms,’ ‘Nerve,’ ‘Star Trek Beyond’

0:00 – A quick hello and an iTunes review
3:00 – “Jason Bourne” review
14:35 – “Bad Moms” review
24:25 – “Nerve” review

33:15 – “Star Trek Beyond” review
37:45 – QOTW (other “bad” versions of good occupations)
48:00 – A report on birthdays, specifically the one Jeff just had
52:35 – A brief Summer Box Office Challenge update, recap, goodbye

QOTW: What superhero story has yet to be told?

Jason Bourne: C 9/10
Bad Moms: B- 6/10
Nerve: C+ 5/10
Star Trek Beyond: B- 8/10

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