Episode 304: ‘Hardcore Henry,’ ‘The Boss,’ ‘Demolition,’ ‘Mr. Right’

0:00 – Hello there, here is an iTunes review
4:10 – “Hardcore Henry” review
12:55 – “The Boss” review, beginning with an exploration into the mystery of Melissa McCarthy’s hidden neck
25:50 – “Demolition” review
32:00 – “Mr. Right” review
39:15 – QOTW (bad bosses you’ve had, and bad bosses we’ve had)
50:10 – The Listeners Ask Us ThingsĀ® (how to enjoy movies while analyzing them)
55:10 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: In honor of “The Jungle Book,” give us your casting and other suggestions for a live-action version of an animated classic.

Hardcore Henry: D 3/10
The Boss: C 3/10
Demolition: C+ 6/10
Mr. Right: C- 5/10

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