Episode 299: ‘Eddie the Eagle,’ ‘Triple 9,’ ‘Gods of Egypt’

0:00 – Greetings; then Jeff tricks Eric into talking about sports
2:45 – “Eddie the Eagle” review
15:30 – Jeff didn’t see the other movies, but he’s not crying about it
16:30 – “Triple 9” review (Snider only)
20:15 – “Gods of Egypt” review (Snider only)
27:20 – QOTW (movie quotes you use in everyday life)
37:30 – What’d You Watch? (“Oslo, August 31”; “Spaghettiman”)
40:35 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What seemingly small or dumb thing has completely ruined a movie for you? (Ex: the lead actress running from dinosaurs in high heels.)

Eddie the Eagle: B+ 7/10
Triple 9: C- n/a
Gods of Egypt: D n/a

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