Episode 297: ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Zoolander 2,’ ‘How to Be Single,’ ‘Where to Invade Next’

0:00 – Hello
1:25 – iTunes review
3:00 – Our lunch sponsor: “The Little Scary Book,” horror short stories by Kevin Duncan. Just 99¢ on Amazon Kindle!
5:55 – “Deadpool” review
15:15 – “Zoolander 2” review
25:20 – “How to Be Single” review
36:45 – “Where to Invade Next” review
47:00 – QOTW is still on hiatus (thanks for the ideas so far!), but here’s its counterpart, Somebody Asked Us a Thing® (about our rating scales)
53:50 – Recap and goodbye

Deadpool: B 7/10
Zoolander 2: C- 4/10
How to Be Single: B- 5/10
Where to Invade Next: B 7/10

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