Episode 288: ‘Legend,’ ‘Chi-Raq’


0:00 – Hello; Bayer has a cold; this week’s wide releases weren’t screened for critics
3:55 – “Legend” review delayed by other “Legend”-related nonsense
5:05 – “Legend” review
14:00 – “Chi-Raq” review (Snider only)
21:35 – QOTW (best movie questions)
29:25 – Next week’s QOTW, derailing into a discussion of parades, and a plug for the B.S.-approved list
33:00 – Hey, Ask Us Something
36:40 – What’d You Watch? (“Umbrellas of Cherbourg,” “Diary of a Teenage Girl,” “The Fly,” “I Smile Back”
44:00 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What non-holiday movie could you remake as a holiday movie, and how?

Legend B 6/10
Chi-Raq B+ n/a

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