Episode 275: ‘Learning to Drive,’ ‘The Transporter Refueled,’ ‘A Walk in the Woods,’ ‘Digging for Fire,’ ‘Cop Car,’ ‘Mistress America,’ a new game

0:00-3:30 – Hello there; Eric made a mistake on last week’s show
3:30-10:25 – “Learning to Drive” review
10:25-16:50 – “The Transporter Refueled” review (Bayer only)
16:50-18:25 – We’re going to replay our reviews of some Sundance movies that are now open
18:25-21:30 – “A Walk in the Woods” review
21:30-27:30 – “Digging for Fire” review
27:30-31:55 – “Cop Car” review
31:55-37:00 – “Mistress America” review
37:00-40:00 – Why Jeff is sad about Sundance
40:00-47:20 – QOTW (your favorite movies of summer 2015)
47:20-57:45 – A new game! It needs a name
57:45-1:00:50 – Recap, talk of Jeff’s Fantastic Fest bumper, and goodbye

QOTW: What is your favorite moment from a Wes Craven movie?

Learning to Drive: B 7/10
The Transporter Refueled: n/a 5/10
A Walk in the Woods: C 4/10
Digging for Fire: C+ 9/10
Cop Car: B+ 6/10
Mistress America: B 8/10

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