Episode 274: ‘We Are Your Friends,’ ‘Z for Zachariah,’ ‘Turbo Kid,’ Interquel

0:00-3:40 – Intro; some Fantastic Fest movies we’re looking forward to (in four weeks, I don’t know why we’re talking about it now) (NOTE: this segment contains a lie. It was during SXSW that we married OneofUs.net, not FF.)
3:40-12:40 – “We Are Your Friends” review
12:40-19:40 – “Z for Zachariah” review
19:40-23:00 – “Turbo Kid” review
23:00-36:00 – QOTW (part 2’s that were an improvement over their predecessors)
36:00-45:10 – A round of Interquel (“Psycho” and “Back to the Future”)
45:10-51:30 – The final Trouble Report
51:30-53:25 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What are your two (2) favorite movies of summer 2015? Blockbusters, indies, Video on Demand, anything counts as long as it came out since May.

We Are Your Friends C 5/10
Z for Zachariah B+ 8/10 (B.S.-approved!)
Turbo Kid B-ish 7/10

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3 thoughts to “Episode 274: ‘We Are Your Friends,’ ‘Z for Zachariah,’ ‘Turbo Kid,’ Interquel”

  1. QOTW answer: As a huge Marvel fanboy, I was counting on Age of Ultron & Ant-Man to be my top movies this summer. However, Fury Road and Rogue Nation blew them both away.

    Interquel title suggestion: “Past Tense”

  2. 1. MM: Fury Road — In terms of creative, financial, and critical success, this movie is far and away the best of the summer.
    2. Amy — Ms. Winehouse’s life is made doubly tragic when you see what a kid she was and her difficult relationships with her father and men, in general. Her voice, lyrics, and appearance all belied her age, which this film poignantly reveals in candid footage. Ultimately, the film is unsettling. Amy points the camera at the viewer and makes the viewer regret the feelings of schadenfreude at seeing all the the TMZ clickbait and tabloid garbage. One cannot walk away without feeling like their story clicks and image searches were tiny weights attached to a drowning woman.

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