Episode 269: ‘Self/less,’ ‘Minions,’ ‘The Gallows,’ ‘Testament of Youth’

0:00-3:45 – Introduction; the Trouble report
3:45-15:30 – “Self/less” review
15:30-17:35 – Sophie’s choices, why one of us saw “Minions” and the other saw “The Gallows”
17:35-24:20 – “Minions” review (Bayer only)
24:20-31:25 – “The Gallows” review (Snider only)
31:25-36:35 – Why Bayer is drinking coffee today; a chemical spill; possible witchcraft among doctors leads to an impromptu round of Pitch Me
36:35-40:00 – “Testament of Youth” review (Snider only)
40:00-40:35 – Oh yeah, “The Gallows” is rated R for no reason
40:35-53:40 – QOTW (animated characters that deserve their own spinoffs)
53:40-58:35 – Summer Box Office Challenge update
58:35-1:00:00 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What comedian deserves a starring vehicle (like “Trainwreck” for Amy Schumer) OR a biopic about their life?

Self/less: C+ 5/10
Minions: n/a 5/10
The Gallows: D n/a
Testament of Youth: B n/a

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