Episode 265: ‘Jurassic World,’ Interquel

0:00-1:25 – Hello!
1:25-3:50 – iTunes review (it’s also a monologue from “The Way Way Back”)
3:50-25:15 – “Jurassic World” review
25:15-27:05 – QOTW – There wasn’t one, but now there’s a new one for next week: tell us about a time when you disagreed with Bayer and/or Snider on a movie review
27:05-31:15 – Summer Box Office Challenge update
31:15-41:55 – A round of Interquel (“Jurassic Park” and “Swingers”)
41:55-47:15 – What’d You Watch? (“Jurassic Park,” “Three Days of the Condor,” “Insidious Chapter 3”)
47:15-48:30 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: When did you strongly disagree with one or both of us about a movie review?

Jurassic World B- 6/10

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