Episode 264: ‘Spy,’ ‘Entourage,’ ‘Results,’ ‘Love & Mercy,’ ‘Heaven Knows What’

0:00-3:40 – Introduction; too many Sniders; housekeeping
3:40-15:30 – “Spy” review
15:30-28:15 – “Entourage” review
28:15-32:10 – “Results” review
32:10-37:10 – “Love & Mercy” review (Bayer only)
37:10-40:15 – “Heaven Knows What” review (Snider only)
40:15-59:10 – QOTW (TV shows that deserve movies)
59:10-1:08:00 – Hey, What’d You Watch (“House of Cards,” “Face/Off,” with a discussion of faces Bayer and Snider would get)
1:08:00-1:11:20 – Recap, goodnight

QOTW: Suggest some Questions of the Week for us. What are some good discussion topics we haven’t covered?

Spy: B+ 7/10
Entourage: D+ 5/10
Results: B? 8/10
Love & Mercy: n/a 8/10
Heaven Knows What: B n/a

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