Episode 263: ‘San Andreas,’ ‘Aloha,’ Pitch Me

0:00-3:45 – Intro; the Perpetual Lunch Fund; Eric’s neighborhood is getting gentrified
3:45-21:55 – “San Andreas” review
21:55-28:20 – “Aloha” review (Bayer only)
28:20-40:00 – QOTW (the summer blockbuster Mt. Rushmore)
40:00-46:30 – Summer Box Office Challenge update
46:30-56:00 – A round of Pitch Me
56:00-1:00:00 – Recap; forgetting stuff; goodbye

QOTW: What TV show (that hasn’t gotten one yet) deserves a movie?

San Andreas: B 5/10
Aloha: n/a 6/10

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