Episode 261: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’

0:00-2:50 – Greetings; PayPal thought we were terrorists
2:50-5:30 – This week’s lunch sponsor: An Inanimate F****** Blog, where amusing reviews and commentary can be found
5:30-19:35 – “Mad Max: Fury Road” review (B.S.-approved!)
19:35-28:50 – “Pitch Perfect 2” review
28:50-35:00 – “Far from the Madding Crowd” review
35:00-48:15 – QOTW (movies that should be remade by their same directors)
48:15-51:25 – What’d You Watch? (“Road Warrior,” “The Last Stand” [not the Schwarzenegger one])
51:25-58:25 – Some memories of David Letterman
58:25-1:01:00 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What amusement park element (ride, game, attraction, etc.) should be made into a movie?

Mad Max: Fury Road A- 9/10 (B.S.-approved!)
Pitch Perfect 2: C 6/10
Far from the Madding Crowd: B 7/10

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