Episode 253: Our SXSW report

0:00-9:30 – Hello, we are in Austin, some housekeeping items and a new online home for the show
9:30-13:15 – The movies opening today that we didn’t see; the fun of SXSW
13:15-17:00 – The SXSW movies we saw that weren’t really movies
17:00-21:00 – Brief reviews of SXSW movies we didn’t like
21:00-1:12:00 – Our SXSW reviews:

Fresno 6/10
Tab Hunter Confidential 6/10
Hello, My Name Is Doris B+ 8/10
Just Jim 6/10
Ex Machina B
Adult Beginners 6/10
The Invitation B+
7 Chinese Brothers 6/10
Night Owls B+
Brand: A Second Coming 7/10
Spy B+ 7/10
Manson Family Vacation 7/10
The Little Death 7/10
Unexpected B 7/10
Ned Rifle B- 7/10
She’s the Best Thing in It 7/10
We Are Still Here B
Moonwalkers 8/10
Wild Horses B
Love & Mercy 8/10
The Final Girls 8/10
Manglehorn 8/10

1:12:00-1:17:40 – QOTW (movies that went over your head the first time), wrap-up, goodbye

QOTW: On the occasion of our move to OneOfUs.net, what changes should we make to the show? New games or segments, revivals of old ones, anything you can think of.

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