Episode 251: ‘Unfinished Business,’ ‘Chappie,’ Pitch Me

0:00-3:15 – Hi there! Also, Sodastream
3:15-18:30 – “Unfinished Business” review
18:30-27:20 – “Chappie” review (Bayer only)
27:20-30:50 – Some other movies that you can watch (Portland: “What We Do in the Shadows”!!), plus talk of mic-dropping
30:50-43:10 – QOTW (movie coincidences)
43:10-52:35 – A round of Pitch Me
52:35-54:00 – Recap and goodbye

QOTW: What movie that you only half-remember (maybe from your childhood) are you due to re-watch? Feel free to share the details that you only half-remember.

Unfinished Business C 6/10
Chappie n/a 3/10

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