Episode 247: ‘Jupiter Ascending,’ ‘Seventh Son,’ ‘A Most Violent Year,’ ‘Still Alice,’ ‘Mr. Turner’

0:00-4:30 – Hello there; ’90s nostalgia
4:30-16:00 – “Jupiter Ascending” review
4:30-24:20 – “Seventh Son” review
24:20-29:30 – “A Most Violent Year” review
29:30-31:50 – “Mr. Turner” review (Bayer only)
31:50-36:10 – “Still Alice” review (Bayer only), including personal reflections
36:10-50:25 – QOTW (movies you were most excited for that turned out to be the biggest disappointments)
50:25-53:35 – Next week’s question concerns Valentine’s Day
53:35-56:10 – A round of What’d You Watch? featuring few movies but a lot of “Parks & Recreation”
56:10 – A recap of what we learned today, brief talk of postage stamps, and goodbye

QOTW: What are your four (4) favorite romantic movies? (We’re compiling another Mt. Rushmore.)

Jupiter Ascending: B 4/10
Seventh Son: D 4/10
A Most Violent Year: B 8/10
Mr. Turner: n/a 7/10
Still Alice: n/a 9/10

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