Episode 245: ‘Black Sea,’ Character Casserole, Johnny Depp

0:00-2:00 – Hi, Jeff’s mom is visiting (him, not the show)
2:00-5:25 – This week’s wide releases went largely unscreened
5:25-15:05 – “Black Sea” review
15:05-20:35 – “The Interview” is coming to Netflix; Jeff is suspicious of everyone’s story; he re-watched “Grand Budapest Hotel”; Eric pretends to listen
20:35-30:50 – QOTW (what should Johnny Depp do?)
30:50-42:25 – Some of the Sundance movies we’re looking forward to
42:25-53:10 – A round of Character Casserole
53:10-56:10 – A little more Sundance pre-talk, then the recap and goodnight

QOTW: What should we do at Sundance (happening now)?

“Black Sea” B- 8/10

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