Episode 244: ‘Blackhat,’ ‘American Sniper,’ ‘The Wedding Ringer’

0:00-5:00 – Hello, for some reason Gamergate, what if we did traffic reports?
5:00-20:10 – “Blackhat” review
20:10-28:25 – “American Sniper” review
28:25-29:30 – We’ll review “The Wedding Ringer” later in the show
29:30-45:50 – QOTW (remakes but in a different genre)
45:50-50:00 – Sundance is coming up and we are excited to see movies and other critics
50:00-1:07:40 – “The Wedding Ringer” review, as prophesied
1:07:40- Recap, Navy SEALs, the end

QOTW: What should Johnny Depp do?

“Blackhat” C- 3/10
“American Sniper” C+ 8/10
“The Wedding Ringer” C- 3/10

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