Episode 239: ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings,’ ‘Top Five’

[NOTE: There’s a slight echo on Eric’s voice on this one. We didn’t know it was being recorded that way, and we couldn’t remove it from the recording after the fact. We’re sorry. You get used to it after a minute.]

0:00-1:50 – Hello! We are your hosts
1:50-13:05 – “Exodus: Gods and Kings” review
13:05-24:40 – “Top Five” review
24:40-26:15 – A sidebar on Aaron Paul
26:15-41:20 – QOTW (other Bible stories to make movies out of)
41:20-42:25 – No QOTW this week
42:25-44:35 – We gotta cut this one short; recap

QOTW: Let’s all brainstorm some Question of the Week topics, eh?

“Exodus: Gods and Kings”: C- 5/10
“Top Five”: B 6/10

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