Episode 238: ‘Wild,’ ‘The Imitation Game’

0:00-4:30 – Intro, mystery balloons, ideas to make this show as popular as Serial
4:30-7:15 – The vagaries of movie release schedules; a debate over who is more special
7:15-21:00 – “Wild” review (B.S.-approved!)
21:00-33:55 – “The Imitation Game” review, ending in talk of a current trend
33:55-48:00 – QOTW was the Mt. Rushmore of holiday movies. Jeff makes Eric guess what the listeners voted for.
48:00-56:05 – Eric & Jeff’s Excellent Adventure takes us back in time to Dec. 5, 1997
56:05-57:40 – Recap of today’s lessons

QOTW: What other Bible stories should be made into movies? Casting suggestions, etc., welcome.

“Wild” B+ 8/10
“The Imitation Game” B- 7/10

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