Episode 232: ‘John Wick,’ ‘Ouija,’ ‘Dear White People,’ Interquel

0:00-5:05 – We say hello, talk about parenting, wonder how Eric could inherit his brother’s children, we call it Daddy Fun Time
5:05-17:00 – “John Wick” review (B.S.-approved!)
17:00-27:40 – “Ouija” review (Bayer only, including a review of the audience)
27:40-31:50 – “Dear White People” review (Bayer only)
31:50-44:05 – QOTW – we tabulated the Horror Mt. Rushmore!
44:05-50:55 – A round of Interquel
50:55-56:45 – A round of “Hey, What’d You Watch?”
56:45-59:10 – “Cute” Dylan stories
59:10-1:00:30 – A summary of what we said

QOTW: Make up a new movie monster, something we’ve never seen before. Interpret “monster” however you like.

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