Episode 231: ‘Fury,’ ‘Men, Women & Children,’ ‘St. Vincent,’ ‘Listen Up Philip,’ ‘Whiplash’

0:00-3:25 – Howdy; the efforts expended to record the show; you should write us an iTunes review
3:25-14:00 – “Fury” review
14:00-22:00 – “Men, Women & Children” review
22:00-31:00 – “St. Vincent” review
31:00-37:00 – “Listen Up Philip” review
37:00-46:50 – “Whiplash” review
46:50- QOTW (scary non-horror movies)
58:25-1:03:20 – As always, we end with “Hey, What’d You Watch?”
1:03:20-1:04:30 – Recap!

QOTW: We’re compiling the horror Mt. Rushmore. What are your four (4) favorite horror movies? #HorrorMtRushmore

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3 thoughts to “Episode 231: ‘Fury,’ ‘Men, Women & Children,’ ‘St. Vincent,’ ‘Listen Up Philip,’ ‘Whiplash’”

  1. “Why not just go to public school, then?”

    My family was borderline poverty level, but they insisted I attend a religious school for the following reasons:
    1) Small classroom-size.
    2) Better education.
    3) Safer environment.
    4) Usually within the neighborhood, instead of being bused cross-town.
    5) Better student-to-teacher ratio.
    6) A strict environment, heavy on rules, and with a focus on consequences.

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