Episode 226: ‘The Drop,’ ‘Dolphin Tale 2,’ Character Casserole

0:00-4:30 – Intro; that Apple thing
4:30-6:15 – iTunes review
6:15-19:15 – “The Drop” review
19:15-28:10 – “Dolphin Tale 2” review (Jeff only; Eric makes him say “root beer” at 25:30)
28:10-31:45 – They canceled all the “No Good Deeds” screening
31:45-33:00 – “God Help the Girl” quasi-review (Jeff only, rushed by Eric)
33:00-54:40 – QOTW (under-the-radar movies that you championed)
54:40-1:03:35 – A round of Character Casserole
1:03:35-1:06:10 – Recap, the new QOTW (we forgot earlier), see you at Fantastic Fest, the end

QOTW: Who is your preferred movie-watching companion(s), and why?

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