Episode 225: ‘Coherence,’ ‘The Congress,’ Pitch Me

0:00-9:55 – Intro; the fancy Whole Foods; Jeff was sick at Eric’s party; Eric is babysitting
9:55-12:50 – No movies really came out last week or this week
12:50-20:05 – “Coherence” review (B.S.-approved!)
20:05-27:15 – “The Congress” review
27:15-43:55 – QOTW (the first movie you walked out of) (there’s a weird edit at the end of this. pay it no mind.)
43:55-51:15 – A round of Pitch Me
51:15-54:45 – The resolution to a story from the QOTW segment (cc: @djmecca); who’s going to Fantastic Fest?
54:45-59:10 – Eric’s report on the Telluride Film Festival (another weird edit at the end of this.)
59:10-1:01:30 Recap; now it’s a parenting show

QOTW: What under-the-radar movie were you a champion of, sharing it with friends, etc.?

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