Episode 204: ‘Sabotage,’ ‘Bad Words,’ Character Casserole

0:00-2:15 – Introduction
2:15-16:20 – “Sabotage” review
16:20-24:20 – “Bad Words” review
24:20-30:50 – “Noah” wasn’t screened; “Cesar Chavez” and “Nymphomaniac” are some other movies we also haven’t seen
30:50-39:10 – QOTW (best dramatic moments in comedies)
39:10-45:10 – Next week’s QOTW, with significant digression (a mini-Pitch Me, discussion of canned worms)
45:10-55:30 – A round of Character Casserole
55:30-57:35 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What two heroes would you like to see in a “vs.” movie?

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