Episode 196: ‘That Awkward Moment,’ ‘Labor Day’

0:00-3:35 – Introduction, Jeff’s beer
3:35-5:50 – iTunes review, eating paper
5:50-28:40 – “That Awkward Moment” review, in which the Sparks Rule is invoked and the entire plot “spoiled”
28:40-35:30 – “Labor Day” review
35:30-37:10 – The Oscar short films are in some theaters
37:10-40:00 – A stray Sundance film, “Battered Bastards of Baseball”
40:00-53:50 – QOTW (day-to-day activities that could be the plot of an action movie)
53:50-56:10 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What movie would you change the ending to?

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