Episode 194: ‘Ride Along,’ ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,’ Sundance Film Festival

0:00-3:50 – Introduction; we’re at Sundance; whispering
3:50-5:00 – iTunes review
5:00-10:35 – “Ride Along” review
10:35-18:10 – “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” review, including a guest appearance by IndieWire’s Steve Greene
18:10-21:20 – Jeff was at the Critics Choice Awards
21:20-31:50 – Sundance movies so far: “Whiplash,” “Locke,” “The Babadook,” “God’s Pocket”
31:50-35:00 – Miscellaneous Sundance talk
35:00-40:50 – QOTW (your Sundance ideas)
40:50-42:55 – Next QOTW, plus see “Gravity” on the big screen while you still can, plus a guest appearance by The Film Stage’s Raffi Asdourian
42:55-44:15 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What day-to-day activity could be the plot of an action movie?

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