Episode 178: ‘Don Jon,’ ‘Rush,’ ‘Enough Said,’ Fantastic Fest

0:00-2:10 – Intro and stuff
2:10-10:25 – “Don Jon” review
10:25-15:00 – “Rush”
15:00-18:10 – “Enough Said” review
18:10-29:45 – QOTW (taboo subjects that could be addressed in a mainstream movie)
29:45-32:15 – Diversion about being on the road, etc.
32:15-52:08 – Fantastic Fest wrap-up, including reviews of “Coherence,” “Cheap Thrills” (don’t miss Jeff’s interview with Pat Healy!), “The Congress,” “Grand Piano,” “Eega,” mentions of other films, talk of parties, and so forth
52:08-53:30 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: In your estimation, what actor or actress has the best track record — the lowest percentage of bad movies?

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