Episode 175: ‘Getaway,’ ‘Closed Circuit,’ ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,’ ‘Austenland,’ ‘Drinking Buddies’

0:00-7:25 – Introduction; this week’s sponsor/apology; something about Canada; we didn’t see the One Direction movie
7:25-18:15 – “Getaway” review
18:15-24:50 – “Closed Circuit” review
24:50-30:05 – “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” review
30:05-36:50 – “Austenland” review
36:50-43:40 – “Drinking Buddies” review
43:40-52:25 – QOTW (singers/bands who deserve a biopic, and who should star)
52:25-58:50 – Post-mortem on the summer movie season; then memories of past summers
58:50-1:02:00 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

QOTW: What was the biggest surprise (good or bad) of the summer movie season?

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3 thoughts to “Episode 175: ‘Getaway,’ ‘Closed Circuit,’ ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints,’ ‘Austenland,’ ‘Drinking Buddies’”

  1. Regarding “Austenland” and the piano scene with the choice of song…

    I wonder if the character of Jane Hayes was supposed to be an avatar for the character of Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice? Miss Bennett was an unconventional female (for her time) who was not going to use her feminine wiles to hook herself a husband; she didn’t care if the wealthy elite saw mud on the hem of her dress, for instance.

    It may be this film is aimed only at the select audience who reads Pride and Prejudice yearly and who imagine themselves finding a Mr. Darcy.

    Despite your negative review, I am looking forward to seeing this in the theater.

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