Episode 165: ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘This Is the End,’ Interview with ‘History of Future Folk’ Stars

0:00-1:45 – Introduction
1:45-4:15 – Our lunch sponsor: Excellent musician Mike Masse, aka Mike the Sound Guy
4:15-17:10 – “Man of Steel” review
17:10-26:50 – “This Is the End” review
26:50-33:30 – “Before Midnight” review
33:30-39:00 – “The East” review
39:00-46:20 – QOTW (which movie’s cast of characters you’d want to be with when the Apocalypse happens); ending with an impromptu Pitch Me, kind of
46:20-48:00 – No show next week! Jeff is traveling
48:00-1:04:40 – The stars of “The History of Future Folk,” Nils D’Aulaire and Jay Klaitz, ending with a song
1:04:40-1:07:25 – Wrap-up and goodbyes

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